A single specialty practice caring for pulmonary patients with compassion and understanding.

Office Address

10400 Connecticut Ave.
Suite 206
Kensington, MD 20895

Our Office
Contact Information

Phone: 888-340-3330

Fax: 240-489-6262

E-mail: drjison@midatlanticpulmonary.com

For Appointments

Appointments are no longer available. To request copies of your records call 240-489-6262.  Be sure to include your name, forwarding address or email.   PLEASE NOTE THAT DR. JISON IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS. DR. JISON WILL BE CLOSING HER PRACTICE ON DECEMBER 15, 2010.

For Prescription Refills

Dr. Jison is no longer refilling prescriptions. You must ask your new doctor for refills  

You may also fax requests for medical records to 240-489-6262.

If you provide your new doctors address and fax number we can forward your records to your new doctor.